Community Colleges for Environmental Stewardship
Best Practices Showcase
September 22, 2017 ||  9:30-3:30 PM
(This is a free event)

9:30-10:00     Registration opens
10:00-10:15   Welcome
10:15-11:15   Dr. Tony Cortese, Keynote Presentation
11:15-12:30   Best Practices Panel: How to Embed Environmental Community Projects into a Course; How do these project foster leadership skills
12:30-1:15     Lunch
1:15-2:15       World Cafe Discussions, What is the role of higher education in making change; How do we inspire students to tackle complete problems and; How might we accelerate institutional change.
2:15-3:00     Faculty & Student Breakout Session
3:00-3:30     Closing



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